Blue Diamond Profile

Blue Diamond Window Cleaning was incorporated in 1986.  The Devoni Family owns the Company and takes personal pride in a job well done.  We are proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and Safe Communities Partnership.  We are an employer in good standing with the Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  We train annually in WHMIS, Accessibility and the City approved Standard Safety Orientation (SSO).  Working safely is our Company’s top priority and we are proud of our safety reputation.

Both residential and commercial window cleaning is our specialty.  We clean tall buildings across Ontario and Michigan using our own man lifts and suspended access equipment as required.  Our patented DI system leaves windows streak and spot free.  Exterior building maintenance including siding, soffit, eaves trough, and deck cleaning is also part of our area of expertise.   We can quickly remove old paint, clean weathered wood, and eliminate unwanted weeds and moss between crevices. 

We have a number of local large and small regular janitorial contracts, many since the onset of the business. Our current contracts include small offices done weekly, construction and terminal clean-up and large jobs staffed five days a week.  Our janitorial cleaning services include window cleaning, special floor cleaning including striping and waxing, carpet cleaning and the supply of paper and other product supplies. 

As a Northern Ontario Business we have diversified our services to include degreasing restaurant equipment.  Local insurance companies and the fire department often recommend our services.  Additional services include power-washing concrete floors, playground equipment, construction equipment, and sidewalks.  We perform high dusting, sign cleaning, and install special bird deterrents to keep the exterior of buildings clean.  Blue Diamond provides window caulking services and screen repairs.  We also provide painting services and recently, we have become certified in lead paint removal. 

Other services include special event crews for stage setups, load in, load out and take down.

We are a committed local business offering fair, competitive pricing for high quality work.  We stand behind our work and are dedicated to performing best in class customer service.  We are particularly proud of our flexibility and ingenuity and are available to fulfill all of our customers cleaning, maintenance and labour needs.

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